MIT Interview

This is part of a series of interviews with people that are using and extending Diagramo.
Bellow we present you a short interview, made in summer of 2011, with the team from MIT.

1. Who are you, who is your team and what are you doing?

We were initially a team of three, from the MIT Nextlab laboratory

Now we will be 5 collaborators working on the mLogistics platform (soon Applab), most of us recently graduated or studying a master degree.

Our project is aimed to simplify the way people construct services on the web by having a usable set of tools and a robust platform. It is in some sense similar to what Yahoo pipes does with web mashups.

2. Why picked Diagramo?

We were looking for a HTML5 canvas graphic tool, easy to setup and flexible, Diagramo is growing to be that type of tool.

3. What parts of Diagramo liked and what don't?

We like the fact that is well organized into modules, it is all javascript and it is fairly comprehensive, We would really like more documentation on the code and an API would be desirable.

4. What did you achieve until now?

We have an interface that lets you create self defined blocks, connect them and translate your flow to runnable and deployable code.

5. What do you plan to achieve in the end?

We want to refine what we have until now and add a broad library of services, we are looking to have compelling tool in the end.

6. What would you like to see in Diagramo in next version(s)?

We would really love to see curved lines, drag and drop functionallity and support for a large canvas (>2000px).