SHSAT Tutoring Online | Kitab

At Kitab, our vision is to tutor every child smartly and effectively to better their chances of acing the SHSAT and make their way to one of the prestigious Specialized High Schools. Our team of dedicated and illustrious teachers makes use of specially-curated and comprehensive lessons to educate our SHSAT aspirants. We systematically assess our students’ weaknesses and ensure that they put in the necessary effort ahead of time to master the curriculum. We keep our kids away from painstaking drills and rote learning methodologies that are likely to pressurize them. Instead, we take into account the test’s predictability and apply proven strategies to help our kids prepare smarter and not recklessly harder. We equip them with clever tactics to promptly deal with challenging questions and conduct mock tests consistently. We also provide regular feedback to our students to ensure that their learning and success metrics are meticulously tracked. Our SHSAT tutoring program entails a small classroom size to ensure personalized attention to every student. And, if needed, we provide individual tutoring too. So, rest assured, we are equally committed to fulfilling your dream of making it to Specialized High Schools.